vWire  IP Interconnect!

vWire enables you to directly connect vShare aware applications across systems over an Ethernet network. With its realtime low latency ethernet transport protocol video, audio and graphics can be transferred between systems without an SDI interface. By leveraging vShare, vWire allows you to open your application to a host on new cost effective possibilities not imaginable before now.

Use vWire to connect your CG application running on a desktop or laptop to transfer the graphics scenes, images and data to any 3rd party vWire Aware application or appliance for broadcasting and/or streaming output.

vWire offers a choice of codecs adapted to video and graphics that let you pick the best one for your need based on compression ratio and CPU usage.



  • Connect systems via Ethernet with speeds up to 10Gbps.
  • Supports SD and HD.
  • Low cost, high performance alternative to an SDI interface.
  • Interconnect graphics systems (CG, Telestrator, Sports/Weather tickers, branding and social apps) to switcher systems that support vWire.
  • Transmit standard broadcast video utilizing lossy compression algorithms.
  • Graphics is transferred as 32 bits RGB with alpha and does not incur any degradation due to lossless encoding techniques.
  • Video is transferred using MPEG2, MPEG4, DVCPRO or JPEG with I Frame only support and GOP.
  • Audio is transferred using AAC or uncompressed.
  • Metadata (closed caption and timecode) is transferred if present.
  • vWire also allows you to transfer custom data that could be use to control the remote system.