vDecoder   Core Clip Player!

vDecoder is a command line player that decode video and audio from files into vShare with support for an array of codecs to meet your application requirements. Comes with a DotNet and C++ sample application and source code to get your started quickly.




  • Back2Back playback of clips into a slot with playlist and auto cuing functions.

  • Support for MOV files:

    1. AVCIntra
    2. AVC/H264 with AAC or PCM audio.
    3. MPEG2 with AAC, MP2 and PCM audio.
    4. MPEG4 with AAC, MP2 and PCM audio.
    5. DVCPRO 25, 50 and 100 Mbps.

    6. Uncompressed 8 and 10 bit video
    7. Timecode and closed caption track.
    8. Closed Caption embedded in video stream for and AVC.
    9. Closed Caption and timecode embedded in video stream for MPEG2.
  • Support for MPG files:

    1. MPEG2 with MP2 and PCM audio.
    2. Closed Caption and timecode embedded in video stream.
  • Support for animated graphics in .mov files using Quicktime RLE and PNG codecs and HuffYUV codec for .avi files are also supported. RGBA or BGRA pixel format for Graphics decoding.

  • Support for sequence of images such as tga, png, etc...).

  • New Loop options to control what part of the clip/animation to loop after the first loop cycle.

  • Support the display of alpha channel to verify media has alpha.

  • Support for faster than realtime playback of media for quick quality control.

  • Support for the ContourDesign Jog/Shuttle devices with a flexible configuration of the buttons defined in the INI file.


Available formats:


  • MPEG2 in MPG, MOV, MXF.
  • MPEG4 in MP4, MOV.
  • H264/AVC in MOV, MXF.
  • AVCIntra in MOV, MXF.
  • Uncompressed in MOV.
  • Quicktime animation with RLE or PNG in MOV.
  • Audio support for MPA, AAC and PCM/AES.
  • Also supports some AVI and WMV formats.