vCard Multi-Vendor Video IO!

vCard is a Video and Audio input and output module for supporting and managing a number of different card vendors. vCard supports many different types of I/O giving you the ultimate flexibility and control over your broadcast applications. The idea is to make I/O as vendor agnostic as possible and provide you with an easy to use interface to raw video frames and audio buffers.


Supported Cards


  • AJA - Corvid, Corvid22, Kona, Kona 3G and more...
  • BlackMagic-Design - Decklink (SDI, Duo, Quad, Intensity Pro and more...
  • DeltaCast - Delta 3G, Delta hd
  • Dextera - Genie1080p 1080p60 HDMI and SDI capture device for USB 3.0
  • Matrox - Xmio, Xmio2,, LE, X264O.ASI, AVCio, LE3, Mojito
  • ViewCast - Osprey 230, 250, 260e




  • Hardware and software based cross-format video conversion enables processing of video in UYVY, YUY2, V210, BGRA, RGBA, BGR and RGB.

  • Hardware and software based cross-format audio conversion.

  • Captures uncompressed SD and HD video, audio and VBI from video cards physical inputs into vShare streams.
  • Outputs uncompressed video, audio and VBI from a vShare stream to a physical output port on a card.

  • Full support for Closed Caption input and output: line 21 (analog and digital), SMPTE 334-1 including Annex A for 608 specific packets. Follows also the SMPTE 334-2 for Caption Distribution Packet cc_count specifications.

  • Full support for SMPTE 12-2 timecode input and output. Can bypass timecode source and insert a timecode generator or the current time. Drop and non-drop support.

  • Adaptive Top Down or Bottom Up video orientation.

  • Video test pattern and audio tone generator.

  • Array of de-interlacing methods supported.

  • Support for overlay images on each channel. Can assign a different image to each channel for branding purposes.

  • Support for black masking and cropping.