vEncoder   Core Clip Recorder!

vEncoder is a command line recorder that encode video and audio from a vShare source to files on disk, with support for a number of codecs. Comes with a DotNet and C++ sample application and source code to get your started quickly.




  • MOV/MP4 support for:

    • MPEG2 with MP2/PCM audio.
    • AVC/H264 with AAC/PCM audio.
    • AVCIntra 50 and 100 with AAC/AES audio
      1. 10 bits luma and chroma support for V210 format
    • MPEG4 with AAC/AES audio.
    • Uncompressed 8 and 10 bit video with PCM audio.
    • DVCPRO 25-50-100 with PCM audio.
    • Timecode and close caption tracks
  • MPG support for:

    • MPEG2 with MP2/PCM audio.
    • Timecode and close caption embedded into the video stream


Available vEncoder:


  • vEncoder - support for many codecs, closed caption and timecode.
    • MPEG2, MPEG4 and H264.
    • DVCPRO 25, 50 and 100.
    • Uncompressed
    • H264 and MPEG4 Proxy.
    • Quicktime RLE animation in MOV for 32 bits RGB and alpha.
    • Audio support for MPA, AAC and PCM/AES.
    • Program Stream (.mpg), MOV and MP4 containers. MXF coming soon!

    Optional Supported Codecs:

    • Main Concept MPEG2, DVCPRO, H264, AVCIntra (10 bits) and HEVC codecs.
    • Vanguard Video H264 and HEVC codecs.
    • Licensed X264 codec.
  • ssEncoder - encodes H264/AAC in Smooth Stream files and/or publish to IIS for live streaming applications.
  • FFmpeg - provides a vast list of FFmpeg codecs, processing and streaming options.