vIngest Feature Rich Recording!

vIngest is a super charged recoder reling on vEncoder to perform the actual recording. We have built this feature rich product to enable you to deliver more than you would have thought possible before now!

vIngest offers higher level features like seamless splitting, text, date, running timer and timecode burning and also VTR control using the Sony 9 pin protocol.

The most important feature of vIngest is the ability to perform multiple simultaneous copies of a recording using different encoding formats and sizes. Up to 4 encoders can be controlled per channel and each have its own preset to record.

vIngestTool is provided with a sample application to show you how your application would control and use vIngest. vIngest lets you super charge your application to deliver features not possible before now from any vendor.




  • Support of multiple channels per vIngest service.
  • Ability to run multiple ingest services per server.
  • Allows for Each channel to record from any vShare source and switch source at any time if the channel is not in recording mode.
  • Support to enable each channel to record up to 4 different copies of the same recording, both main and proxy or any other combination that can be encoded based on the server's capacity.
  • Support for text, date, time, running timer and timecode burning.
  • Synchronous start across multiple channels using either a system wide software event or by setting a timecode value.
  • Offers 100% frame accuracy for starting multiple channels across different servers using the same timecode inserted in the SDI signal.
  • Synchronous end time support by setting the final duration to record.
  • Supports seamless splitting of the recording at any time to break long recording into smaller files. The splitting function can be manually controlled or automatic with a duration setting. Splitting works across the whole set of recordings, both main and proxy and on the up to 10 simutaneous recordings that can be produced,
  • VTR control using the Sony 9pin protocol.
  • Tcp/Ip control interface.
  • SDK with C++ and DotNet sample applications are provided.