vStream   Low Latency Monitoring!

vStream is a low latency streaming server for any application that uses vShare. The purpose of vStream is to enable monitoring of audio and video sources from remote computers on a LAN.

Most broadcast applications are client-server based (web or desktop) and vStream let them monitor video on the client side with very low delay.

vStream encodes the audio and video and then streams it to a remote component that you embed into a web page or desktop application.




  • Can stream any audio and video source available through vShare.
  • Latency ranges from 4 to 20 frames depending on the codec used and the environment.
  • Silverlight control available to use in most browsers.
  • Client side DLL allow all vShare display control to user vStream seamlessly.
  • Scaling and deinterlace video from a slot before encoding.
  • Audio vuMeter burned over the video.
  • Supported codecs:
    • JPEG I frame
    • H264 I frame or IP Long GOP
    • AAC for audio
  • Supports reduced display rate with I frame JPEG codec that lets you reduce the overall bandwidth while still preserving the audio if required. This feature lets you monitor multiple sources with minimal bandwidth consumption or reduced CPU load on the server that encodes the stream.
  • Share the encoding session with multiple clients using the same slot and encoding settings without CPU penalty.
  • Allows a client to connect to an existing encoding session without latency when using H264 with long GOP