vWall Video Wall Display!

vWall lets you combine one or multiple vShare sources into a single video surface with different layouts and basic text overlay. vShare makes the wall output available to any other Virgo tools or applications. Ideal for monitoring, use it to monitor multiple video inputs onto a large LCD for instance.




  • Combine many vShare video streams into a single display for monitoring.
  • Audio monitoring from one video stream.
  • Audio vuMeter of each video stream.
  • Support multiple layouts with background.
  • Text overlay to identify video sources.
  • Wall output is a vShare slot that can be recorded, displayed on the computer screen or even output by a video card supported by vCard to get SDI or HDMI broadcast quality monitoring.
  • Jitter free output when used with vCard.
  • Low cost HDMI output using the DeckLink Intensity Pro card.
  • Display clock and date on the wall.